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The Sales Hiring Handbook

Written by Mike McCandlish, is a guide for hiring VP Sales, Directors of Sales and Marketing,
Sales Managers and Account Executives.
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Do you hire sales people?
Are you satisfied that the people you hire are the best possible candidates available to you at the time of hire?
If so, then stop reading and continue what you’re doing .

If you’re not happy with your results, does it make sense to order a free guide that may help? If you only pick up one or two hints, you could save thousands!

The Sales Hiring Handbook assists you in hiring the right sales people.



  • sales questions and potential responses are included for interviewing sales managers.
  • gain valuable insight into what motivates sales representatives and how to evaluate past performances and experiences

Have you made a bad sales hire? Sure most of us have. Are you consistently making bad sales hires? That’s a process problem that The McCandlish Group can also advise on. Do you understand Sales People? I mean really understand how they work and what motivates them? Many people do not.


During your interviewing process, how will you determine answers to these questions?

  • Did the candidate make goal consistently?
  • Were they top performers in their respective industry?
  • Were they plodders that never made goal?
  • Were they in the right environment to excel?
  • Were they previously in the wrong environment to showcase their talents and just need a better supportive atmosphere and infrastructure?
Business owners, hiring managers, order The Sales Hiring Handbook and improve your hiring process. GOOD Luck and Good SELLING!
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