The Sales Hiring Handbook

Written by Mike McCandlish, is a guide for hiring VP Sales, Directors of Sales and Marketing,
Sales Managers and Account Executives.
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Michael McCandlish

Mike McCandlish is founder of The McCandlish Group, an executive search firm specializing in sales, and has successfully sold and managed sales people in 7 different industries. He’s trained over 1000 sales people and is considered by clients and sales candidates to be a top sales recruiter in the Midwest.

The “Sales Hiring Handbook” walks the reader through the right interview questions to ask concerning the candidate’s history and motivation to represent your product or service at this time in their lives.

I’ll take a minute to share some accomplishments as credibility is important. I tell people who used to say I “job hopped” that it was all a master plan to eventually start a National sales recruiting firm to better assist companies find the right sales people. Since I actually worked the kinds of openings I now fill, it gives me a better sense of what kind of sales person is needed. (As with most sales people I have no problem with self promotion), I

  • set the sales record at an Inc. 500 company for opening 18 new consulting engagements in one week. He sold 18 different decision makers, not 18 locations from one buyer or owner.
  • was the top cash collector of 400 field representatives of a fast growing management consulting company.
  • In the computer hardware industry; sold 500 hard to find laptops to one customer for $776,000 after only one week in the industry as a new sales manager.


  • averaged over 8 copiers sold a month in the office equipment business when the industry average was 3.
  • directed a branch sales office of home security sales (first sales job) to grow from 43 rd in the country to 7 th in 120 days.
  • hired, trained, managed cellular sales representatives to top dealer status in Ohio for Cellular One in their second year of existence.
  • number one sales producer of Quest Entertainment Films, at Universal Studios, of 110 distributors.
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